For the recognition of diploma and degrees within higher education in European area, Lisbon Recognition Convention was composed by UNESCO and European Council on April 8-11, 1997. Lisbon Recognition Convention with the original title as "Convention on Recognition of Documents of Higher Education in European Area" is a document, a legal provision, determining practices related to recognition of degree and learning period gained from another country in European Area. Turkey signed the Convention on 01/12/2004 and came into force on 01/03/2007. After it was put into force, Regulation of Equivalence in our country was revised and thus a new "Regulation of Equivalence on Foreign Higher Education Diplomas" was prepared in order to remove discrepancies between the Convention and national legislation, and this new regulation was adapted to Lisbon Recognition Convention. This regulation entered into force following May 11, 2007. Having been revised in 2010, this regulation was published on Official Gazette dated 6/11/2010 and with no 27751.


NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centers in the European Union), an initiative of the European Commission and created in 1984, aims at improving academic recognition of diplomas and periods of study in the Member States of the European Union (EU) countries and the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Turkey.


ENIC (European Network of Information Centers in the European Region) generally provides information on the recognition of foreign diploma, degrees and other qualifications; education systems in foreign countries; opportunities for studying abroad, including information on loans and scholarships, as well as advice on practical questions related to mobility and equivalence.


Turkish ENIC/NARIC Center, has been carried under the Council of Higher Education (COHE) since 2003, and has been active as a part of ENIC/NARIC communication network. Turkish ENIC/NARIC Center, carried by CoHE European Union and International Relations Unit (newly called Multilateral Relations Unit) until 19/07/2010, started to be managed by the Multilateral Relations Unit and CoHE Equivalency Unit for the work within this context having shared the tasks belonging to each unit.


ENIC/NARIC Web page : It was created by joint contribution of European Commission, European Council and UNESCO'CEPES. It consists of information on related centers and national education systems. The main purpose is to support ENIC/NARIC communication network. Likewise, it is a web page that other related persons and institutions could easily receive information on issues such as international academic and professional mobility, recognition of foreign diplomas.


For more information; http://www.enic-naric.net/

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